Skin-Friendly Baby Diapers

Soft, comfortable, easy to use, and always leakage-free. Tested on real families for more than 40 years, our diapers and baby care products are designed to protect, comfort, and perform. So you can focus on all the fun things you want to do with the time you have with your little one.

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Eco-Friendly Baby Skincare

Bambo Nature’s skincare line has been carefully formulated and curated to give you all the essentials you need for your baby’s skin. From the bottom to the top, there is a product for each of your skincare needs.

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Premium Baby Wet Wipes

To keep your baby clean from head to toe, Premium Baby Wet Wipes offer a gentle, reliable cleaning solution in a wipe made from soft, non-woven materials.

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Maternity Pads & Intimate Care

At Abena we are proud to be offering our customers a range of high quality products that are among the best the market has to offer, while concurrently demonstrating care for the environment.

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Eco-Friendly Products, with Supernatural Performance!

As a family owned business, and as parents ourselves, we know that what you put on your baby is just as important as what you put in your baby. That's why we're dedicated to creating eco-friendly baby care products that are safe, gentle, and supernaturally effective. Because when you have products that can protect AND perform, you can stop worrying and start enjoying happy moments with your kids.


Many brands claim that they are environmentally-friendly and healthy for your skin, but Bambo Nature has the credentials, awards and eco-labels to prove it. Here are a few of the honours we're received.


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